World Tour 2009, First Stop: Mexico City

Mexico City
23 March 2009

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is again circling the globe, now on its sixth annual World Tour. This year’s team, including Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, President and Founder of YHRI, videographer Jimmy Collins and photographer Warren Tardiff, launched World Tour 2009 from Los Angeles on March 22nd. Human rights supporters in Mexico City, the first stop of this year’s twelve-country tour, welcomed the team as they began their action-packed agenda of actions geared to forward human rights education in Mexico.

Meetings were held with private and governmental organizations which share YHRI’s purpose to bring human rights education to the children of Mexico. These resulted in major support for YHRI and added to the excitement of visits with schoolchildren and educators.

A certificate and medal of honor were presented to Dr. Shuttleworth, who spoke at a Youth for Human Rights event on March 23rd which also featured human rights activists, youth leaders and artists and was attended by local celebrities, officials and schoolchildren. The award-winning United music video and several of the Youth for Human Rights public service announcements were screened at the event. Artistic performances included local rappers and an Aztec dancing troupe.

The exciting World Tour 2009 will cover Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Colombia, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Timor-Leste, Uganda, and the United States.